Constant minor ZFS corruption

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Fri Mar 11 14:01:01 UTC 2011

Quoting Chris Forgeron <cforgeron at> (from Thu, 10 Mar 2011  
16:43:43 -0400):

> Oh - and you're AMD64, correct, not i386? I think we (royal we)  
> should remove support for i385 in ZFS, it has never been stable for  
> me, and I see a lot of grief about it on the boards.  I also think  
> you need 8 GB of RAM to play seriously. I've had reasonable success  
> with 4GB and a light load, but any serious file traffic needs 8GB of  
> breathing room as ZFS gobbles up the RAM in a very aggressive manner.

Veto! I have two x86 machines, one with "only" 768 MB RAM. Both of  
them run with ZFS without problems. The scenario I use them in may not  
be the scenario you need to provide a machine for, but there are  
scenarios where ZFS on x86 works.


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