NFS nfs_getpages errors

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Wed Sep 15 23:49:40 UTC 2010

> The NFS server is logging nothing at all related to NFS. It *is*
> running 8.1-RC2, so there is potential for an update. If/when we
> notice these errors again, we'll try to get a packet capture and
> forward it to you. Our NFS server is backed by ZFS, as well.
> Eric

I don't think there are any server fixes that would be relevant.
I can't think of anything between 8.1-RC2 and 8.1 release and the
only two post-8.1 release server patches are:
- A fix for the regular server so it doesn't get into an infinite
  loop in the DRC code. (It stops servicing all NFS requests when
  this bug happened.)
- A fix for the exp. server specific to NFSv4 and ZFS.

Feel free to add these two patches from head/current (the files are
sys/rpc/replay.c and sys/fs/nfs/nfsdport.h), but I'm almost sure
they won't help with this.


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