need to remove an active pool component

Frank Terhaar-Yonkers fty at
Tue Jun 15 17:20:12 UTC 2010

Howdy -

It seems I painted myself into a corner.  I originally had ad16 as a hot 
spare to the raidz.  Sometime back I used it temporarily because one of 
the disks in the raidz went offline (ended up being a bad SATA cable) 
and when repaired swapped the original back in.  Intending to put ad16 
back as the hotspare I used the wrong command(s) and added it to the 
pool instead - doh!  Anyway, by the time I realized this files were 
already created on it and now I can't remove it.

 From reading, it seems that the ability to remove active elements from 
a pool is a long ways off.  So what I was thinking was a bit of a hack 
to facilitate removing the disk:  1) create a sysctl variable to inhibit 
write to a particular disk in a pool.  2) parse the meta-data on the 
disk to get a list of files, then move off, then move back so the file 
ends up back in the pool but on the raidz.  3) When empty, I should be 
able to remove the disk - yes?  I don't have the space elsewhere to back 
this thing up and reload it, which would be the easiest thing.


- Frank

tynas(toot)~ ->zs
   pool: typool
  state: ONLINE
  scrub: none requested

         NAME        STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM
         typool      ONLINE       0     0     0
           raidz1    ONLINE       0     0     0
             ad4     ONLINE       0     0     0
             ad6     ONLINE       0     0     0
             ad8     ONLINE       0     0     0
             ad14    ONLINE       0     0     0
           ad16      ONLINE       0     0     0

errors: No known data errors
tynas(toot)~ ->zpool remove typool ad16
cannot remove ad16: only inactive hot spares or cache devices can be removed
Exit 1
tynas(toot)~ ->zpool detach typool ad16
cannot detach ad16: only applicable to mirror and replacing vdevs
Exit 255
tynas(toot)~ ->zpool offline typool ad16
cannot offline ad16: no valid replicas
Exit 1

  Frank Terhaar-Yonkers      W4FTY   TRA 8325/L3
  Apex, North Carolina
  fty at

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