Trying to understand the boot process

Peter Jeremy peter at
Wed Jun 2 07:55:49 UTC 2010

On 2010-May-30 20:28:24 -0400, Pierre Lamy <pierre at> wrote:
>and extracted correctly to the appropriate local HD filesystem) but I 
>can't figure out how to actually get it booted, it seems to be missing 
>the MBR?
>I have already RTFM, and used bsdlabel -B ad4s1, and also tried fdisk 
>-B. I simply get the "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert 
>boot media..." message.
>Does anyone have any suggestions?

Does 'boot0cfg -s 1 ad4' help?

>My second question is how to label the boot options so that 1 says 
>NanoBSD, 3 doesn't show up at all, and 5 days FreeBSD.

Unfortunately, you can't.  The 1..4 labels are based on the filesystem
ID stored in the slice table and both NanoBSD and FreeBSD use 165.
The MBR is limited to 512 bytes and there isn't space for many smarts.

Peter Jeremy
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