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Mon Jul 12 10:20:27 UTC 2010

On Mon, 12 Jul 2010 00:00:07 +0000 Dmitry Lunts wrote:

 DL> So, the puzzle is:
 DL> from one hand, pkgdb -uF, /var/log/messages, fsdb point to the same bad
 DL> sector (4007967) and filename
 DL> this sector belongs to
 DL> (and even cat /var/db/pkg/kdeutils-3.5.10_5/+CONTENTS returns Input/Output
 DL> error),
 DL> but low level reading of bad sector returns without a sign of error.
 >>From the other hand, smartctl long test performed immediately after low
 DL> level read test with dd
 DL> gives quite another number of bad sector (4007996) which in turn doesn't
 DL> belong to any file.

 DL> And what makes me completely lost is that
 DL> the tests in items 1)-10) were repeated two times and gave  the same
 DL> results!
 DL> So where are 29 (4007996-4007967) sectors lost?

As for me it looks like the following might has happened. Your filesystem
block size is 16384 bytes. When reading +CONTENTS fs sent a request to the
driver to read a block -- starting from 4007967 sector of 16384 / 512 = 32
sectors. For one of these sectors (4007996) disk returned error. The driver
reported about the error printing the address of the first sector of failed

Mikolaj Golub

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