How to choose the size of swap?

Ronald Klop ronald-freebsd8 at
Sun Dec 5 19:09:34 UTC 2010

On Sun, 05 Dec 2010 19:20:41 +0100, Vladislav V. Prodan  
<universite at> wrote:

> We have several servers with 8|16 GB of memory, 2|4 harddrive
> (RAID1|RAID10 using ZFS)
> These servers will work with Mysql, the size of databases that are
> several times larger than the size of memory.
> What would recommend to expose the size of swap?
> On a separate partition or a file?
> At hand is not loaded with servers that have the swap was over 20 MB ...
> In an extreme case, let the output "top v" to this maillist

You might not need swap to run the database. But the swap space is also  
used for making a kernel dump in case of a problem. In that case swap  
space must be as large as the amount of memory in the machine. (As far as  
I know.)


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