NFS problem: file doesn't appear in file listing, but can be accessed directly

Attila Nagy bra at
Tue Aug 3 14:36:39 UTC 2010

  On 08/03/2010 04:13 PM, Rick Macklem wrote:
>> From: "Attila Nagy"<bra at>
>> To: freebsd-fs at
>> Sent: Tuesday, August 3, 2010 8:51:34 AM
>> Subject: NFS problem: file doesn't appear in file listing, but can be accessed directly
>> Hello,
>> I have two FreeBSD 8.x machines, one is the NFS server (8-STABLE,
>> about
>> one week old), the other is the client (8.1-PRERELEASE from May).
>> The strange thing is this, happening on the NFS mount, client side:
>> # ls -la 1083536654.80433.be03,S=7592
>> -rw------- 1 mail mail 7592 May 3 2004 1083536654.80433.be03,S=7592
>> # ls | grep 1083536654
>> ls doesn't find that file...
>> Are there any known bugs regarding bad NFS client behaviour (caching
>> maybe) in the above timeframe in stable/8?
>> The machine does high amounts of NFS copying, and I can reproduce the
>> above any time, so if it's cache related, it's pretty weird...
>> I'm currently upgrading to see whether that helps.
> The only thing I am aware of the "might" cause this is a bug
> in the regular server when used with ZFS and the client uses
> the "rdriplus" option (pjd has a patch, but I don't think it
> has ever been committed).
> So, if your mount uses the "rdirplus" option, try it without that.
The mount is used with this:
be01:/home/hm01         /home/hm01      nfs     rw     0   0
So no special flags. I've tried with rdirplus anyways (maybe it's the 
opposite), the file can't be seen.
I've mounted the share from an old Solaris box, which sees the file.
> Otherwise, I suspect that it is a bug in either the client or server.
> You can try replacing the client and server with the experimental
> ones and see if that fixes the problem.
> For the client: mount with "-t newnfs" instead of "-t nfs"
> For the server: start both mountd and nfsd with the "-e" option
Sure. It works with the newnfs client, so it must be either a weird 
interaction between the FreeBSD server and client (old), or a client bug.

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