backup strategy (Re: dump | restore fails)

Mikhail T. mi+thun at
Thu Mar 26 20:02:49 PDT 2009

Andrew Snow написав(ла):
> Mikhail T. wrote:
> > To qualify for your (and your kind's) recognition then, a person
> > needs to have at least as much extra storage capacity as the
> > largest filesystem they are backing up. They also need
> > non-trivial scripting abilities, because the OS doesn't
> > include anything like what you are describing
> Mikhail, users would be well advised to check their backups using this 
> option, without having to have the space to restore:
> -N      Do the extraction normally, but do not actually write any 
> changes to disk.  This can be used to check the integrity of dump media
> or other test purposes.
And then another "purist" will reject this as a fake and not 
sufficiently conclusive test... Just ask around... Because, you see, 
until you extract all data back and run a bit-by-bit comparison with the 
original, you don't really know, do you?


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