Booting from ZFS raidz

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Sat Jan 10 03:56:46 PST 2009

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On 2 Jan, 2009, at 15:17 , Doug Rabson wrote:

> On 22 Dec 2008, at 10:29, Arnaud Houdelette wrote:
>> As I'm fairly interrested in this kind of setup, I set up a virtual  
>> machine (VirtualBox) with 3 HD.
>> Sources are from a fresh current (csup yesterday). Applied your  
>> patch successfully.
>> Done a make installworld / installkernel  to the zfs root.
>> Applied the bootcode as Stephan.
>> The seem's the loader gets loaded, but it cant proceed further.
>> I got those kind of errors :
> I'm going to have to try and reproduce this but it looks as if you  
> make have installed a gptzfsboot which doesn't include the raidz  
> support.

I have just tried installing the new gptzfsboot with a 7.1-STABLE  
install, but all i got is a :
"No ZFS pools located, can't boot" message.

I used 7.1-STABLE DVD, but I have copied and installed /boot/pmbr / 
boot/gptzfsboot and /boot/loader from a
- -CURRENT system built with your patch and LOADER_ZFS_SUPPORT

All my disks have valid guid partition tables with p1 of type freebsd- 
boot with installed pmbr and gptzfsboot from -CURRENT,
and p2 partition of type freebsd-zfs with a valid pool that i can  
mount using LiveFS.

Any suggestions?

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Nikolay Denev

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