Emil Smolenski ambsd at
Sun Dec 20 23:20:02 UTC 2009

On Thu, 17 Dec 2009 07:37:31 +0100, Ben Schumacher <me at>  

>>> At any rate, I've been considering switching this to a ZFS RAIDZ now
>>> that FreeBSD 8 is released and it seems that folks think it's stable,
>>> but I'm curious if it can provide the SUIDDIR functionality I'm
>>> currently using.

>>  Yes, it can. From my point of view it works the same way as on UFS.

> Thanks for your response... I don't know that that's quite right.

  In fact, you're right. I used only the "g+s" file mode and it worked for  
both UFS and ZFS. Sorry for the confusion.

> Any clues would be appreciated.

  Maybe ZVOL will be sufficient? It just works:

# zfs create -V 1g tank/tmp/test1
# newfs /dev/zvol/tank/tmp/test1
# mkdir /tmp/test1
# mount -o suiddir /dev/zvol/tank/tmp/test1 /tmp/test1
# mkdir /tmp/test1/user1dir
# chmod 4777 /tmp/test1/user1dir
# chown user1:user1 /tmp/test1/user1dir
# su - user2
$ cd /tmp/test1/user1dir
$ touch test
$ ll test
-rw-------  1 user1  user1  - 0 Dec 21 00:14 test


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