Plans for Logged/Journaled UFS

Attila Nagy bra at
Sun Dec 20 12:09:18 UTC 2009

For that problem, it can be true, the machine in speak has only 1 GB RAM 
(i386), although 8 disks.
The freeze is a different beast, I've got it on 32-64 GB RAM machines 
(with NFS), and on 8 GB machines serving stuff with ftp/http/rsync/etc 
(no NFS).
I'm not sure that the NFS and the non-NFS case is the same though.

Thomas Burgess wrote:
> I think it depends on hardware and setup.  I've noticed the "zfs 
> problem" with SOME machines when it comes to rtorrent (the rtorrent 
> process will be stuck "waiting for disk" but on other machines it's 
> fine. 
> The machines i've had the most problem with are single drive less than 
> 2 gb ram.
> I've got rtorrent and zfs working fine on plenty of machines with 2-3 
> hard drives and 4-8 gb ram.
> On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 6:51 AM, Attila Nagy <bra at 
> <mailto:bra at>> wrote:
>     Matthew Jacob wrote:
>         Hussain Ali wrote:
>             ZFS doesnt suffice for may use cases - so just wondering
>             if this is in
>             the works.
>         Which use cases can you name?
>     Reliable data storage. :(
>     Sadly, ZFS in FreeBSD is still very far from being stable. For
>     example I have NFS servers running on ZFS, and they freeze about
>     every week. It seems it's related to NFS.
>     I can't even get to the debugger. After sending an NMI, the kernel
>     writes "NMI ... going to debugger" eight times (those machines
>     have 8 CPU cores) and nothing happens, I can only reset.
>     Another machine just looses ZFS access (all processes stuck in IO)
>     on i386 if I run rtorrent with unlimited bandwidth with some
>     torrents, or some disk intensive spam filtering. Access to UFS
>     filesystems are still OK.
>     Also, running UFS and ZFS seems to have problems in 8-STABLE with
>     UFS eating out memory from ZFS.
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