Inode density for database machines - newfs -i

Francisco Reyes lists at
Mon Jun 11 18:11:36 UTC 2007

Rick C. Petty writes:

> It depends on the average size of the files, which is what the inode
> density refers to (actually it means "create an inode for every N bytes of

Given that I have a machine very simmilar to the next DB machine I have a 
good idea of how many inodes I need.

> sure you have enough inodes for your filesystem...  running out is no fun
> either.  "newfs" tells you how many inodes it creates per cylinder group

Will do.

The current machine is using 2056 inodes for 1.2TB.. with 3,539,382 inodes 
free. For the next machine I will use a higher number in newfs until I get 
the number of free Inodes close to 100K. That will give the machine plenty of free inodes. 

Thanks for your feedback.

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