UFS2 with SAN

Eric Anderson anderson at freebsd.org
Tue Feb 13 20:07:38 UTC 2007

On 02/13/07 13:12, Julian Elischer wrote:
> Eric Anderson wrote:
>> On 02/13/07 12:09, Ivan Voras wrote:
>>> Eric Anderson wrote:
>>>> You might look at tdfs (fuse module from Ivan Voras I believe).  It's
>>>> probably horribly beta (not knocking it Ivan - I'm sure it's an amazing
>>>> start), so lots of testing would need to be done.  It's also most likely
>>>> not high performance.
>>> Yes, I'm realistic about it - it is "horribly beta" :)
>>> Two reasons: one: I couldn't amass enough interested parties to help
>>> test it (and possibly work on it), and second: while it's a nice problem
>>> to tackle, I don't [yet] need it that badly to start working on it
>>> outside of free time). In any case, TDFS doesn't have locking because
>>> FUSE doesn't have it (or didn't when I started doing it), so it stays
>>> single-writer-multiple-readers until that changes.
>>> I'm thinking of re-creating it in kernel mode (and in this form it could
>>> also have locking) but not any time soon. Maybe during the summer (SoC?
>>> probably.).
>> I've thought about this too - and even thought about making it a file 
>> system layer, like nullfs, with a network-kernel piece to notify the 
>> readers of changes, etc.  I'm not certain if it would work or not..
> it will be very interesting to see the outcome from Matt's cluster 
> filesystem on Dragonfly.

Is it actually being developed?  Last I checked, there was talk, but no 
code.. :(


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