How safe is ZFS to use for a home user?

Hugo Silva hugo at
Fri Dec 21 18:01:59 PST 2007

John Klimek wrote:
> I'm looking to setup a file server using RAID 5 (or the equivilant
> RAID-Z) and I'm interested in using ZFS.
> It looks like my primary options are Solaris or FreeBSD and since I'm
> beginning to really dislike Solaris I'm leaning towards using FreeBSD
> however I've heard that there are some issues with ZFS on FreeBSD
> specifically regarding some "kmap_mem" or something like that.
> Can anybody tell me if ZFS is safe to use for home users?  I'm just
> looking to setup RAID-Z with 3x 300 GB and another pool for 1x80GB (I
> guess).
> Thanks for any help!
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Pretty safe, I've been using it on my workstation for several months, 
and on my new home file server for a month.

I have a mirror of 2 disks on the workstation and 2 mirrors of 2 disks 
on the fileserver.



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