How safe is ZFS to use for a home user?

John Klimek jklimek at
Fri Dec 21 12:27:36 PST 2007

I'm looking to setup a file server using RAID 5 (or the equivilant
RAID-Z) and I'm interested in using ZFS.

It looks like my primary options are Solaris or FreeBSD and since I'm
beginning to really dislike Solaris I'm leaning towards using FreeBSD
however I've heard that there are some issues with ZFS on FreeBSD
specifically regarding some "kmap_mem" or something like that.

Can anybody tell me if ZFS is safe to use for home users?  I'm just
looking to setup RAID-Z with 3x 300 GB and another pool for 1x80GB (I

Thanks for any help!

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