ntfs broken when share through samba3

Lowell Gilbert lgfbsd at be-well.ilk.org
Mon Oct 16 14:42:53 PDT 2006

absorbb at gmail.com (Ильдар Нурисламов) writes:

> This old already reported bug.
> But situation have'nt changed.

For example, kern/86965.

> There is very simple patch that fix this bug:
> --- usr/src/sys/fs/ntfs/ntfs_vnops.c	Mon Mar 13 00:50:01 2006
> +++ home/voxel/stuff/ntfs_vnops.c	Thu Aug 31 09:22:08 2006
> @@ -187,7 +187,8 @@
>  	vap->va_fsid = dev2udev(ip->i_dev);
>  	vap->va_fileid = ip->i_number;
>  	vap->va_mode = ip->i_mp->ntm_mode;
> -	vap->va_nlink = ip->i_nlink;
> +	vap->va_nlink = (ip->i_nlink ? ip->i_nlink : 1);
> +	//vap->va_nlink = ip->i_nlink;
>  	vap->va_uid = ip->i_mp->ntm_uid;
>  	vap->va_gid = ip->i_mp->ntm_gid;
>  	vap->va_rdev = 0;				/* XXX UNODEV ? */
> but it seems to be not beaty solution

Not beautiful, indeed.  

I was playing around with this, and although that change would work
around the problem in (at least) most cases, I am not sure that it is
truly correct.

I am not an expert at filesystems, and certainly have little knowledge
of NTFS.  However, my observations confuse me considerably.  The main
issue is that if you read from a file (on NTFS, with a link count of
zero according to ls(1)), the link count becomes populated.  I cannot
see how that would happen, because the ntnode structure link count is
not modified except when reading the whole structure from the disk,
and the on-disk node is not being changed.  To confuse things further,
the link count is changed to 2, not 1, on ordinary files that have
only a single directory entry.  I do not believe that streams are at
issue, because the file has no open file descriptors remaining
according to fstat(1).

Any thoughts from the experts?

Might Darwin have any useful hints?

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