Restoring backup on vergin disk

Pawel pawciobiel at
Fri Jan 20 11:24:09 PST 2006

Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
> "it didn't work" does not tell us anything about what went wrong.

Sorry about that.

The message was "Missing operation system"... (default MBR message)

I've looked in "partition table" (from 446 to 512 of MBR) with dos disk 
editor (pq magic shows error code #110) and problem seems to be there.
I still can non understand why fdisk have wrote wrong partition table or 
wrong info about beginning first partition/slice?

I've even used boot0cfg to put boot0 in MBR  and disklabel with boot1 boot2 
but boot manager hangs on F1.
(I shouldn't have "boot0 boot manager" for one partition should I?)

And the worst thing is that after when I've made one fat32, active 
partition on this disk, move dos system on (sys a: c:), boot my backup-cd, 
restore backup the system boot properly!

What is the difference between running two commands:
	fdisk -BI /dev/ad0
	disklabel -w -r -B ad0s1 auto
on virgin disk and used one? It should wrote partition table anyway, 
shouldn't it?
Its seems to that "fdisk -BI /dev/ad0" is not creating proper partition 
table, right?


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