Firewire debugging session at BSDCan

dieterbsd at dieterbsd at
Thu May 13 15:25:57 UTC 2010

> If you have active Firewire issues that you would like reviewed, 
> retest and document your problem and post it here.
> I will try to get together with some folks here at BSDCan and work out
> what I have broken or what needs to be enhanced.

kern/113785: [firewire] dropouts when playing DV on firewire
Still cannot get VIA VT6307 controller to go into "non CYCLEMASTER 
No workaround.

kern/118093: firewire bus reset hogs CPU, causing data to be lost
Firewire driver must be locking out other drivers (e.g. ethernet)
when it shouldn't.  I still think it is a locking/mutex type problem.
Why does the firewire driver need to lock out Ethernet?
The new rs-232 driver in 8.0 didn't fix this.  Workaround: change
printfs to log(9) so that it doesn't print to console.

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