fwcontrol: unknown format 0x1e

Erik Nørgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Tue Sep 27 13:07:47 PDT 2005


I have asked this on questions, current and other lists with no or 
little response. I first bought a Canon MVX200 (PAL) camera but running 
fwcontrol I got the following output:

# fwcontrol -R test.dv
fwcontrol: unknown format 0x1e

Asking on the lists finally one suggested that it may be the brand, 
Canon, that he had general lybad experiences with (luckily I could 
return the camera). I now bought a Sony HC39E (PAL) and get the exact 
same behaviour.

This suggest that it is not the brand but either a software or hardware 
error in the other end. I have never tried firewire before, so I can't 
say for sure that it works.

I'm running FreeBSD 6.0 BETA 4, I first had the error with BETA 3, then 
I upgraded my entire system to make sure no old programs were in the way.

How do I debug this? Better, how do I solve this?

Previous posts:


The unknown format code was not always the same.

I'd really like, if not a solution, then hints on how to get bettter 
debug info than that I have posted in the previous mails. As with the 
Canon camera I can return this within a week, so after that I can't do 
more debugging.

Since I haven't ever had firewire working I can't exclude it's a 42cm 
error, but if so please point me at it :-)

Thanks, Erik
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