How dangerous is HFS+ in FreeBSD 5.3?

Timothy Luoma lists at
Wed Jan 12 07:23:07 PST 2005

On Jan 12, 2005, at 9:07 AM, Eric Anderson wrote:

> If you are simply recovering your mp3's^H^H^H^H^Hdata,

Heh... actually my iPod is FAT32 because I had it with Windows before I 
had a Mac.

> then just mount it read only, copy data, unmount.. After the copy, who 
> cares if it trashes it?

yeah, read only is a good idea.

I decided that rather than messing with HFS+ in FreeBSD (when I'll 
likely never use it again), I would just enable FTP on FreeBSD and 
upload the files.  It'll take a little longer to do the copy, but I can 
do it right now and work on other things while it is running, rather 
than having to learn how to enable HFS+ (which would be good to know, 
but I've got a lot of other things pressing at the moment, so saving a 
bit of time today is good).

I guess the next question is figuring out what filesystem to use on the 
drive once all the data I want/need is off of it.


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