Possible driver tweak.

Howard Harvey howard at digitalanvil.ca
Thu Dec 2 17:48:01 PST 2004

I've got this little Shuttle box here
and the following is seen at boot time:

pci0: <serial bus, USB> at device 29.7 (no driver attached)

I figured it has to be a firewire device, since all the other
normal USB bits seem to get found quite all right.

Spelunking thru 'pciconf -lv' shows the following:

none0 at pci0:29:7: class=0x0c0320 card=0xfb521297 chip=0x24cd8086 \
                  rev=0x01 hdr=0x00
     vendor   = 'Intel Corporation'
     device   = '82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) \
                 USB EHCI Controller'
     class    = serial bus
     subclass = USB

Low 16 bits of 'chip' match


pretty closely.

At the risk of doing something _monumentally_ stupid, is it
merely a question of cramming in something like:

#define FW_DEVICE_INTEL82801DB (0x24cd << 16)

into fwohcireg.h at line 57
and then stuff

		device_set_desc(dev, "Intel 82801DB");
		return 0;

int fwohci_pci.c at about line 203

Or am I deluding myself?

If thoroughly delusional, where (fuzzily) would the
next chunk of device support need to get bolted in?

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