firewire disk spindown and other questions

kyriazis at kyriazis at
Wed Aug 13 21:59:02 PDT 2003

Hello freebsd-firewire.

I am new to freebsd, and I am planning on changing my file
server from linux to freebsd.

At the same time I would also like to move to firewire
(from ide).  I don't have large bandwidth requirements, so I'm
just assuming that I'm not going to get too much lower performance.

One basic question that I have is:  Is it possible to set an
automatic spindown of my firewire drives?  I looked at the camcontrol
manpage, but it doesn't say anything interesting.

I am planning on setting up a raid-5 array (on firewire).  Are there
any issues that I should be aware of??  Since I haven't tried
firewire yet, and I am (slightly) worried about performance, I wonder
if putting all drives on one chain will give me problems.  Would
splitting drives over multiple firewire busses on the same card help
any, or would I have to get multiple firewire cards to increase
performance?  Note, this is a server machine, so I'll only be accessing
data through 100Mbit ethernet via samba.

Also, I was wondering if there are problems with the order firewire
clients are brought up in the bus.  Will they come up as different
each time I boot up?  Ie, if I have 2 disks, coming up as da0 and da1,
will the same disk come up as da0?  Or will I have cases where one
disk will come up as da0, then after a reboot the other disk will come
up as ad0?  If that is in fact the case, will that cause problem with
vinum identifying which disk is which, or will it work because of the
labels vinum puts on the disks themselves?

Thank you!!


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