Errors in the FreeBSD ftp archive

Victor vicmrml at
Wed Jun 1 09:42:52 UTC 2011

Dear FreeBSD developer team!

Some time ago I have downloaded from the 
FreeBSD archive a number of old distributions for various architectures 
in the form of iso-images. When I checked these iso-files by control 
sums applied to these distributions I detected a number of errors.

I met mistakes of two kinds. For some files hash-sums calculated by the 
program on my computer didn't coincide wih the hash-sums kept in the 
text files situated in the directories with image-files. I decided these 
errors occure due to incorrect data transmission by Internet and 
downloaded these files for the second time. However when I compared 
these files downloaded for the second time with corresponding files 
downloaded during the first download session by contents (byte by byte) 
they matched. So there were no errors during file transfer due to bad 
Internet connection or incorrect work of my computer. Another type of 
mistakes is linked with differences between contents of the directory, 
containing iso-images, and files, listed in the control-sums text files. 
In some cases directory contains more files then listed in the checksum 
file, in other cases vice versa the checksum file specifies files that 
don't exist in the distribution directory.

I sent a message to your bug report service, however no answer followed. 
Perhaps the bug service doesn't consider problems of such kind and I was 
to appeal to another part of FreeBSD community with such a request.

Here is my message to the bug service in which I described the problem 
thoroughly: .

I don't know whether I addressed the correct mailing list with my 
problem. If not, please give me the right mailing list or e-mail box, 
gathering part of your community responsible for supporting this archive.

Respectively yours,

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