vbox-4.0.8: freezed under heavy load in guests with filesystem full condition

Yuri yuri at rawbw.com
Fri May 27 00:49:06 UTC 2011

I have 2 guests: Ubuntu 32bit and Ubuntu 64bit.
They both were running some large compilation on multiple CPUs.
After a while I found vbox frozen: both guest windows not responding, 
pressing close button not doing anything.
VBox manager was also frozen. Killing manager app and restarting it 
caused it to come up in a frozen state again.

I also had filesystem full condition at about the same time. I think 
vbox failed to detect the condition and to pause the machines gracefully.
Not sure if this is an upstream issue or FreeBSD issue. With previous 
versions I saw machines being paused ok by filesystem full condition.


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