Call for Testers: VirtualBox 4.0.4

Gustau Pérez gperez at
Mon Feb 21 17:42:43 UTC 2011

Al 18/02/11 15:17, En/na Bernhard Froehlich ha escrit:
> Hi Testers.
> A few of you have probably wondered what happened to our VirtualBox
> efforts for FreeBSD. Well it took a bit longer then expected and a few
> problems were found that needed to be resolved first but most of the
> things are looking fine now and almost all patches have been pushed
> upstream with 4.0.4 so here we are now.
> We will continue to work on VirtualBox for FreeBSD and upstream is also
> very helpful to us but we could need a few more hands to better keep up
> with the work and especially improve and fix the Guest Additions. So if
> you want to help please contact us or have a look at our Todo list.
> This result wouldn't have been possible without the continuous help of
> the VirtualBox Developers and a lot of people from the FreeBSD
> community! (names in alphabetical order and probably missed a few, sorry
> for that!)


   I have tested the last 4.0.4 and works fine. Thanks for your efforts !

   The only problem I've found is that I can not seem to be able to see
all the traffic flowing in a host-only interface. According to the
documentation, I would be able to see all the traffic in a vboxnetX

    I tried with linux, with it I'm able to see that all traffic (I have
to do an 'ifconfig vboxnet0' by hand before launching the virtual
machines connected with the vboxnet0 network) between two virtual
machines connected to a vboxnet0 host-only interface.



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