Call for Testers: VirtualBox 4.0.6

Bernhard Froehlich decke at
Sat Apr 30 15:00:43 UTC 2011

On Fri, 29 Apr 2011 23:13:04 +0300, Volodymyr Kostyrko wrote:
> 22.04.2011 14:01, Bernhard Froehlich wrote:
>> It's about two months since the last call for testers and a lot of
>> bugfixing has happened since then. Not all of the reported problems were
>> FreeBSD related which is a good indication that we're not too far behind
>> the stability of the other hosts. So let's get it one once again.
> Some more questions.
> 1. Should any problems with guest systems be reported? Something like
> "DragonflyBSD doesn't correctly detect CD-ROM"?

Please verify first that it also happens with a supported host (Linux,
Windows, Mac) and then report it upstream at VirtualBox or probalby in
that case better DragonflyBSD.

> 2. When I have stuck process (using 0% cpu / using 100% cpu) what is
> a correct way to report it? ktrace(1)? gcore(1)?

Those problems are hard to find and usually can only be fixed if a
developer can reproduce it. I have also seen a 100% cpu problem recently
but as a workaround it helped to pause the VM and resume it after
restarting virtualbox. You could check VBox.log or any debug logfiles if
they have reported anything abnormal.

> 3. I see that my working machines after correct guest shutdown ends
> up throwing 'Segmantation fault'. Should I report that too?

During the call for testers we recommend to always build with DEBUG
option enabled to spot all errors but in some cases that triggers
assertions that are uncritical and sometimes even bugs in the debug code
paths. So if you see a Segmentation fault please send us a stacktrace
from the core file (already described somewhere in the thread how to get
a core file and stacktrace) so that someone can check that.

Bernhard Froehlich

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