x11/nvidia-driver and graphics/linux-dri74

barbara barbara.xxx1975 at libero.it
Sun Sep 26 11:40:43 UTC 2010

After adding a comment in ports/149873 (still no feedback), I have some questions about x11/nvidia-driver and graphics/linux-dri74 ports.

The first is: should x11/nvidia-driver CONFLICTS with graphics/linux-dri74 too? It's not matched in Makefile and the installed files of the latter are almost the same of the linux-f10-dri port, so why it shouldn't?

The second is: the nvidia driver, either downloaded or from ports, renames some files (check FIND_FILES in work/NVIDIA*/lib/Makefile), including /compat/linux/usr/lib/libGL.so.1.2.
As far as I can understand, this is the file used to check for the presence of a linux-dri port (default to linux-dri74 for linux_base-f10) in /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.linux-apps.mk, .
How is it possible to install or upgrade a port marked with "USE_LINUX_APPS= dri" when the nvidia driver is installed?

Maybe, a check for nvidia-driver file should be implemented before falling back to linux-dri. Or an option to use nvidia instead of linux-dri should be implemented.

In the meanwhile a workaround could be cd to /compat/linux/usr/lib and if libGL.so.1.2 doesn't exist, touch it. Then install the linux port and when done remove it.


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