VirtualBox: Export Appliance is a bit broken.

Alexander Eichner alexeichi at
Thu Sep 9 22:01:32 UTC 2010


this will be fixed in the next maintenance release.
See for example.

Alexander Eichner

--- Pawel Jakub Dawidek <pjd at> schrieb am Do, 9.9.2010:

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> Betreff: VirtualBox: Export Appliance is a bit broken.
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> Datum: Donnerstag, 9. September, 2010 21:33 Uhr
> Hi.
> I recently exported appliance with new ZFS and it turned
> out that it is
> broken when more than one disk is present.
> When you look at .ovf file for exported appliance into
> section
> "StorageController" you'll notice that every
> "AttachedDevice" has the
> same uuid. This is uuid of the last disk IIRC. To make it
> work I needed
> to manually update all uuids here based on uuids from
> "DiskSection" and
> then update .ovf checksum in .mf file.
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