VirtualBox 2D acceleration

Dmitry Pryanishnikov lynx.ripe at
Mon Oct 11 15:27:02 UTC 2010


2010/10/8 Jung-uk Kim <jkim at>:
> Your previous e-mail shows that you have AMD/ATI RV370 (Radeon X300SE).

  Yes, exactly.

> Luckily, there is an upstream PR for the issue:
> "There is a plan to weaken the opengl requirements for 2D support,
> i.e. use other extensions, e.g. GL_ARB_fragment_program instead of
> fragment_shader when it is unsupported."

  Oh, thanks for your time - this news sounds promising! And even w/o
2D support, VirtualBox is still great!

Sincerely, Dmitry
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