VirtualBox won't start

Per Hedeland per at
Tue Mar 9 10:27:53 UTC 2010

zaxis <z_axis at> wrote:
>Maybe same pronlem:
>Up to now it cannot be fixed even reinstall everything associated with VBOX
>such as qt4, and so on.

Hm, it doesn't seem to have quite the same "signature" - I din't check
ps output as completely as you did, but I'm pretty sure I had only two
processes, both showing up as just "VirtualBox" with no args. And of
course I'm on 7.2-RELEASE, which I believe works fine for others.

And the "pretty sure" etc is because now the problem is suddenly not
reproducible anymore - it appears to have gone away completely. The only
thing that I can think of that may be related is that I've now run
VBoxHeadless a few times (not possible until you have a VM of course).
And now I'm already addicted to VirtualBox:-), so don't want to remove
everything and start over just to test that theory...

However I'll probably install on another box in the not-too-distant
future, I may be able to check it out there.

Anyway, many thanks to all of you that have put in all the hard work to
make VirtualBox a reality on FreeBSD - and just in time, with qemu close
to unusable at least for me without the kernel module.

--Per Hedeland

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