VDE Support in devel port [WAS: Call for testers: VirtualBox 3.1.4 update]

Mario Lobo lobo at bsd.com.br
Thu Apr 22 02:40:10 UTC 2010


I see that VDE support was added with svn r28542, which I have not tested yet 
but can only see thrilled reports about it.

The line: 

[ "$OS" = "linux" -o "$OS" = "freebsd" ] && echo "  --enable-vde  enable VDE 

in "work/VirtualBox-3.1.51.r28542_OSE/configure" is not "TRUEing"
"$OS" = "freebsd", and thus, VDE support was not compiled in. 

I manually added "--enable-vde" to following line in the port's Makefile:

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--with-gcc="${CC}" --with-g++="${CXX}" --enable-vde

This corrected the problem. Now the VDE Adapter appears in the "Attached to" 

Could the configure script be patched to set the condition to TRUE, or maybe 
the port Makefile could have --enable-vde added, on the next port revision?

Mario Lobo
FreeBSD since version 2.2.8 [not Pro-Audio.... YET!!] (99,7% winfoes FREE)

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