FreeBSD Port: graphics/linux-f10-dri

Werner Lehmann wernerleh at
Mon Apr 12 13:42:51 UTC 2010

Dear Sirs,

as a casual FreeBSD-User und an enthusiastic Gamer I am especially 
concerned about how 3d-games run on FreeBSD. If I understand things 
right, most of the games are linux-ports, and rely on the opengl 
subsystem provided by the port graphics/linux-f10-dri when using 
linux-base-f10, which is MESA-Version 7.2.
But for a while now the FreeBSD OpenGL subsystem has been Mesa 7.4.4, an 
recently can even be compiled to 7.6 using the flag "WITHOUT_NOUVEAU="yes".
So if the port linux-f10-dri still is Mesa-Version 7.2, all linux-games 
will still be limited to that really old Mesa-version and not benefit 
from the newer Mesa-version in FreeBSD. Is that true?

And if so, what work is being done to get graphics/linux-f10-dri on pair 
with the FreeBSD-OpenGL-Subsystem being 7.4 or 7.6? And sure 7.8 will 
come to FreeBSD soon, too.

Would you please give me a short reply and tell if you are looking into 
that matter?



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