linuxnero does not see SATA recorder

Rusu Silviu at
Wed Mar 25 18:10:01 PDT 2009

On a 7.1 RELEASE have an Optiark SATA DVD recorder
using it as /dev/cd0 with growisofs

have linux_base-fc-4_14 installed
nero is linux-nero-

have proc mounted by
linproc   /compat/linux/proc   linprocfs   rw   0   0

have linux enabled in rc.conf  and it is kld loaded

i can start nero, introducing SN, create projects etc
but it does not see my recorder
running it under root(not sudo)

at the start it is complaining the /proc is not mounted, when in fact it is
/compat/linux/proc  exists and have util info as cpuinfo, meminfo etc
tried to ln -s /compat/linux/proc  /
same complaints at startup

the /compat/linux/proc/scsi/scsi file is empty

tried to ln -s /dev/cd0 /dev/sg0
also tried ln -s /dev/cd0 /compat/linux/dev/sg0
nothing ...

any ideas?
thank you

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