How to config timezone of linux_base-f8

Sean C. Farley scf at
Tue Mar 10 11:34:47 PDT 2009

On Tue, 10 Mar 2009, Alexander Leidinger wrote:


>> It's on my TODO list but not the first one. ATM I'm working on new 
>> linux infrastructure ports. And as always patches are welcome. ;-)
> I want to add that there's still hope that the timezone stuff in 
> -current gets updated soonish (which means we don't need tzdata in f8, 
> as 7.1 will not switch to f8 by default as it would 1. violate POLA 
> and 2. does not have the necessary emulation stuff to be compatible 
> with 2.6.16).

Out of curiosity, when you say necessary emulation stuff to be 
compatible with 2.6.16, how compatible is it?  I use it on 7-STABLE 
quite well with Skype and Acroread8, somewhat well with Flash plugin 9 
and not well at all with linux-ut (at least with the nvidia driver).

Will all that is necessary to use full 2.6.16 emulation be eventually 
MFC'd, or will only some of it?  Of course, keeping the default at 2.4.2 
emulation is perfectly fine.

On a related note, would it be possible to be able to run one 
application under 2.4.2 emulation while another is under 2.6.16 in the 
future?  I thought it may help in some situations.  There could be a 
/compat/linux.f8 (with /compat/linux linking to it) and 
/compat/linux.fc4 where the application can be told via an environment 
variable to use a specific install.

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