kernel panic with VirtualBox on -CURRENT

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Wed Jun 17 13:33:20 UTC 2009

Nenhum_de_Nos wrote:
> On Wed, June 17, 2009 04:33, Gary Jennejohn wrote:
>> On Tue, 16 Jun 2009 20:23:31 -0400
>> Adam K Kirchhoff <adamk at> wrote:

>> Also, did you enable virtualization in the BIOS?  I had to do that
>> before AMD-V really functioned.  It made quite a bit of difference
>> in performance.
> yet on this topic. vbox in FreeBSD is just working on i386 current ? (the
> page says so). I got it running on 7.2-STABLE amd64 quite ok ( some
> crashes here and then), but never on amd64 from current ...

Works with basic functionality on amd64 on CURRENT but hardware support 
gor "VT-x" and such doesn't work.

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