Linux 2.6 emulation and Linux Java problem

Roman Divacky rdivacky at
Sun Jul 13 06:21:28 UTC 2008

> ktrace.out is about 500MB.
> Anyways, one java process looks to be looping:
> RET  linux_sys_futex -1 errno 110 Unknown error: 110
what is the call of the futex that causes this error to happen? that might
be the culprit

> CALL linux_sys_futex(0x8092528,0x81,0x1,0xfffffffd,0x8092528,0x2affd250)
> RET  linux_sys_futex 1

> RET  linux_clock_gettime 0
> CALL linux_sys_futex(0x80e0acc,0x80,0x1,0x2affd21c,0x1,0x2affd280)

it looks like it's looping waiting for some condition to happen, dont
you have a simpler example that exhibits this behaviour than those
(big) apps you mentioned? 

> and another over sched_yield (although I am uncertain as I have not 
> examined the entire dump).
> Let me know if you want anything from the trace.

the futex call that causes error 110 :)

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