Roman Divacky rdivacky at
Sat Jan 26 14:46:24 PST 2008

> TS2 and UT works just fine on bsd <=6.2. I'm talking about 7.x (with
> default linux_base and 2.4 kernel).
> There wasn't many problems with older bsd's and linuxolator 2.4.
some people reported problem with newer linuxulator and tracked
that down to some sound changes...

maybe we should investigate this a little bit further, can someone
provide a patch to "undo" the sound changes in question so we have
"can you try this?" thing when people report problems? that would
surely help

> Unfortunately some new games require either kernel 2.6 or glibc 2.6.

yes... and thats why we have plans to switch to default 2.6 emulation
in 8-current (once epoll and *at is commited)

I think its quite ready for it and the more its exposed the more bugs
will be fixed


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