x86_64 linuxulator patches

Adrian Penisoara ady at freebsd.ady.ro
Mon Aug 18 08:38:03 UTC 2008


On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 10:05 AM, Alexander Leidinger
<Alexander at leidinger.net> wrote:
>> in my opinion the best decision for amd64 looks so.
>> we use two modules. linux.ko for x86_64 and linux32.ko for ia32,
>> option COMPAT_LINUX for x86_64 and COMPAT_LINUX32 for ia32.
>> and two  linux_base directories: /compat/linux for x86_64
>> and /compat/linux32 for ia32.
>> there are other opinions?
> I propose:
>  - /compat/linux64 for 64bit stuff
>  - /compat/linux32 a symlink to /compat/linux
>  - /compat/linux for 32bit stuff (we can think about having)

 I agree with this later proposition, it's a bad thing to break the
already established purpose for /compat/linux (32bit binaries).

 Here is yet another variation:
   /compat/linux64 -- 64bit
   /compat/linux32 -- 32bit
   /compat/linux -> linux32  -- symlink, would this break anything in
the current ports/packages ?

 I strongly oppose having linux.ko as the 64bit version, rather there
should be linux64.ko (linux-x86_64.ko ?) and linux32.ko (linux-ia32.ko
?) and perhaps we should make linux.ko try loading both of these
(since the user did not specify the intended platform).

Just a thought,

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