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Critical problems
Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/21463   emulation  [linux] Linux compatability mode should not allow setu
o kern/77710   emulation  [linux] Linux page fault sigcontext information is wro
o kern/97326   emulation  [linux] file descriptor leakage in linux emulation
o kern/102956  emulation  [linux] [patch] Add partial support for SO_PEERCRED in

4 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/11165   emulation  [ibcs2] IBCS2 doesn't work correctly with PID_MAX 9999
o kern/29698   emulation  [linux] [patch] linux ipcs doesn'work
o kern/39201   emulation  [linux] [patch] ptrace(2) and rfork(RFLINUXTHPN) confu
o kern/41543   emulation  [patch] feature request: easier wine/w23 support
o kern/55835   emulation  [linux] [patch] Linux IPC emulation missing SETALL sys
a kern/72920   emulation  [linux]: path "prefixing" is not done on unix domain s
o kern/73777   emulation  [linux] [patch] linux emulation: root dir special hand
o kern/91293   emulation  [svr4] [patch] *Experimental* Update to the SVR4 emula
o ports/112355 emulation  [PATCH] emulators/vmware3: cleanup non-supported FreeB

9 problems total.

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