Albert Meyburgh ameyburgh at
Tue Nov 27 13:53:24 PST 2007

Thanks for all the responses so far.

This might be a silly question but...

I'm curious as to the differences between nix applications and windows

why don't windows exe files run in linux?  is wine only emulating the
various calls to windows "dlls"? and I guess the differently slash
usage and layout of the filesystem...

is there anything more low level going on that makes it different?

I guess when you chmod +x then the operating system just tries to read
machine code out of a file or what?  if i chmod +x a text file it
tries to run the file like a bash script I guess..

if I do 'cat /bin/dir' i get a bunch of undisplayable characters and
my console text goes all bananas and the window title goes bananas too
for that matter...

what's going on here?  I know it's machine code which is a 1 to 1
translation to ASM

do the different OS's and "environment subsystems" have different ASM
to do the same things?

can I make a typical "hello world" that will run in all those environments?

there's POSIX and WIN32 and... OS/2 in win2k for example
as this diagram illustrates:

is there a similar source of documentation of the bsd operating system
somewhere online?
also... if I have a compiled posix app on windows, will that same
compile posix app run in a nix flavour that supports "posix" or does
it have to be recompiled.. and why :)

sorry for the probably very difficult to answer rambling of
questions--I'm just trying to wrap my head around the reasons why
windows apps don't work in linux/unix/bsd/what have you.. :)

On Nov 16, 2007 5:08 AM, Kyryll A Mirnenko aka Mirya
<jen.parga at> wrote:
> I've tried ies4linux distro with freebsd, the latest version installs but with
> some problems in the installer itself (not in the registry overrides, etc.).
> The ie6 installed this way works well, ie7 (ie7's mshtml wrapped with ie6
> interface) installs well, but hangs up in many cases, so VM / remote desktop
> should be the best solution here.
> Btw, it would be nice if someone convert ies4linux into a regular FreeBSD
> port, it's quite useful for web developers
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