Linux SDL still broken - even on i386 (Re: something wrong with Linux on 6.2-stable/amd64)

Mikhail T. mi at
Fri Nov 23 09:43:46 PST 2007

п'ятниця 23 листопад 2007, Alexander Leidinger, Ви написали:
= > I just checked -- civctp would no longer run even on i386, when using
= > 6.3-PRERELEASE. The symptomps appear the same as what I described earlier
= > on an amd64 system.

= Please check if  
= fixes the problem.

I tried sync-ing the directories listed there to RELENG_7, but that would not 
compile on 6.3 :(

Could you construct a patch against RELENG_6 -- you would need it anyway, if 
the problem is to be fixed in 6.3-RELEASED...

Or, you can try installing the civctp-demo as I described in this thread about 
a month ago -- and see for yourself... You don't even need to reboot...

Thank you,



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