Linux emulation on FreeBSD AMD64

Valery V.Chikalov valera at
Sun Nov 4 05:25:53 PST 2007

Roman Divacky пишет:
> I am a little confused.. you are saying that
> 1) oracle calls m* on 0x50000000 with PROT_EXEC but fbsd does not set it on the map
> or
> 2) oracle does not set this protection at all and the OS is supposed to have set on default?
> roman

rather 3) I cant find function which oracle calls to manage memory at
0x50000000, this is why I ask for help.
I can only state that linux_mprotect dont called with addr at 0x50000000.

Nov  4 12:40:14 tiger kernel: mprotect: addr:55c00000, len:4096, prot:1,
bsdprot:5, ret:0
Nov  4 12:40:14 tiger kernel: mprotect: addr:55c81000, len:4096, prot:1,
bsdprot:5, ret:0

This are only addresses which are arguments for linux_mprotect.
I have suspected linux_mmap_common but it not called either.


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