snd_es137x & -CURRENT, /dev/dsp: Invalid argument -- Could not mmap /dev/dsp - linux emulation problem?

Marcin Cieslak saper at
Mon Jun 25 06:05:23 UTC 2007

Jung-uk Kim wrote:
> To mimic (broken) Linux behavior. ;-)  Seriously Linux kernel for i386 
> (without NX/XD bit support) implies PROT_EXEC when PROT_READ or 
> PROT_WRITE is set even if you don't specify.  In FreeBSD, we have to 
> explicitly specify PROT_EXEC.  Therefore the hack was required.  In 
> fact, 32-bit mmap implementation for Linux/ia64 does exactly this to 
> run i386 binaries.  Many (broken) Linux-only applications had abused 
> this bug in the past and I believe they still exist widely.  If you 
> want, you can add a tunable to turn off this behavior but please 
> leave it on by default.

I just wonder why it breaks now with /dev/dsp*.
Perhaps we should not do PROT_EXEC on devices?


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