linux nero does not work

Zahemszky Gabor gabor at
Fri Jun 15 21:08:30 UTC 2007


I tried the new Linux-Nero-3.0 port on 3 different machines (2 of them is 
RELENG_6_2, the third is STABLE), but Nero doesn't work. I tried it as 
myself, I tried it as root; tried it with my default language (Hungarian - 
Nero switched to Hungarian), and tried it with LANG=C LC_ALL=C - it doesn't 
Nero started, asked me to accept licence, and on the next window, I have to 
type my name, company and the licence number. The licence field is 
pre-filled with - I think - a demo-key. But neither that licence key, nor 
anything alse make the OK button clickable. I can only click on Cancel. 

Are there anybody running linux-nero on FreeBSD? How did he/she make it 
work? Are there any tricks? 

Thanks, Gabor

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