Another QEMU oddity..

Doug Rabson dfr at
Mon Jul 16 13:21:45 UTC 2007

On 16 Jul 2007, at 12:53, Eric Anderson wrote:

> Since QEMU is a popular subject lately, I think I'll bring up one  
> more issue.
> When booting FreeBSD (-CURRENT in this case) in a QEMU session  
> (with or without any kqemu), it nearly always hangs at the loader  
> countdown screen, somewhere in the 1-10 seconds it takes to  
> countdown.  When it hangs, it spins doing:

I get the opposite problem - if I don't click on the qemu window, the  
countdown goes too fast and I can't stop the thing before it boots. I  
figured that something bad was happening to the emulated clock.

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