Oracle 10g on FreeBSD

Michael Vince mv at
Fri Apr 27 03:31:23 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I have been contemplating buying a high end server and running a lot of 
stuff on it in jails including Oracle 10g under linux emu.
I would be using Amd64 as the server would have 8gigs of ram or more.
The idea would be that the Oracle 10g would just be a slave server to a 
dedicated 10g server on linux and would act as a emergency backup to the 
real server and consolidate some rack space at the same time, and 
hopefully could do some lighter amount work such as read queries.

Anyone gone down this path with 10g? I was thinking that since the linux 
emulation has been getting a fair bit of work lately it would be good to 
try and really utilize it.


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