Bounty and timeline on vmware 5.x on FreeBSD 6.x

Juergen Lock nox at
Thu Apr 19 18:56:03 UTC 2007

In article <20070416140454.GA79264 at> scottro at

>My only problems with VirtualBox were in getting it to use bridged
>networking with a wireless connection. I had no problem when it was
>connected by cabled ethernet, but judging from a bit of googling, I'm
>not the only one who couldn't get it working with wireless. 
>Disclaimer number 2--I'm not at all experienced with bridging in Linux,
>it seems to be a bit different than what I do with FreeBSD, and it could
>easily be a PEBCAK problem. 

Afaik the problem is that bridging causes the source ethernet address of
packets you send to change, and not all wireless nics/drivers support
sending other source ethernet addresses than the nic's own.  (This usually
isn't a problem with wired nics...)


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