[Updated on 2006-9-22 again] Linux AIO module, Re: PERFORCE change 105930 for review

Intron is my alias on the Internet mag at intron.ac
Fri Sep 22 08:59:40 PDT 2006

Download: http://ftp.intron.ac/tmp/linux_aio-20060922.tar.bz2

Updated file: linux_aio.h

Define the type "linux_aio_context_t" in the same way as genuine Linux
instead of "l_ulong".

                                                From Beijing, China

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Cc: Alexander Leidinger <netchild at FreeBSD.org>
Subject: [Updated on 2006-9-22] Linux AIO module, Re: PERFORCE change
  105930 for review
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 02:02:41 +0800

Download: http://ftp.intron.ac/tmp/linux_aio-20060922.tar.bz2

Updated files: linux_aio.c vfs_aio.c.diff readme.txt

1. Flexible on-demand linking to FreeBSD native AIO module. Only when
   linux_io_xxx() is called will native AIO module be loaded.
2. Only two symbols "aio_init_aioinfo" and "aio_aqueue" of the native
   AIO module need to be exported.

Alexander, please roll back "vfs_aio.c", and then apply my new patch
"vfs_aio.c.diff", to conform to POLA (Principle Of Least Astonishment).
And please change the value of "EXPORT_SYMS" in

                                               From Beijing, China

Alexander Leidinger wrote:

> Wait... the aio stuff you need is already made global (instead of
> static) and exported by the module. That's all you need. Roman should
> have the mail from jhb@ where he explained how to dynamically look up
> the stuff for the linux_mq_*() functions in the module load handle by
> using the kernel linker to lookup the symbols (AFAIR).
> Roman, could you please forward the corresponding explanation to Intron?

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