linux cross-development (was: Re: /dev/null: No such file or directory)

John E Hein jhein at
Wed Sep 20 12:48:52 PDT 2006

Alexander Leidinger wrote at 21:24 +0200 on Sep 20, 2006:
 > Any ideas how to provide a chroot while not losing the fallthrough if
 > not chrooted (and we try to identify other files/dirs where we want a
 > fallthrough)?

That smells a little like unionfs.

FWIW, I'd like to see a resurrection of linux_devtools or some

>From a system building perspective, it seems difficult to build a
system in an automated way (as in a product) that needs to build apps
compiled for linux.

We build packages in a FreeBSD chroot and pkg_add -p them into an
image hierarchy (which is then copied to the target media, typically a
Compact Flash).

So, if we wanted to deploy a system that has linux_base and some
linux-compiled apps, we'd have to build the linux_base .tgz package in
our build chroot, pkg_delete it, then install linux_dist in order to
compile linux apps (there are some closed linux libs we need to link
with otherwise we'd just compile the apps as freebsd).  Maybe there's
an easier way, but if not, it would require changes to our build
infrastructure here.

This is one reason I haven't updated to the latest linux ports
infrastructure for our products yet.  It's getting more difficult to
stay that course, however, as ports/Mk, et. al., diverges from our

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