cross platform building under emulation

Doug Ambrisko ambrisko at
Tue Oct 18 13:29:55 PDT 2005

Dan Langille writes:
| I'm asking these questions now because I'm about to implement this at 
| home and document it on (see the teaser 
| at  My main 
| concern is I don't want to be misleading people or giving them a 
| build that contains real problems.  My test installs have resulted in 
| a box that runs, but more information is always useful.

Yes, it has always just worked for me when target <= host and I didn't
want to build ports etc.  It's sometimes tempting to jump ahead
and do more withing initially noticing problems.  So if someone tries 
to build a port within the chroot then they might have random breakage.
That is mostly what my warning is for.  I made a few mis steps along the 
way to what I have now and it will get better in the future.  I would
suggest that you mention the hooks of
to point people in the right direction even if they are only partially
implemented.  Looks like I will be commiting my changes to osreldate
and uname(3) to make this stuff work through out.

Only after some other hacks did I discover these hooks :-(

Doug A.

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